Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5th grade weaving on a loom

My fifth graders learned different stitching for weaving on a loom.  This year I experimented with different sized looms.  I'm still not certain which ones are my favorite to order (or even make) for next year.  There has to be the right mix of enough work space but not so overwhelming where the students feel like they will never finish the weaving.  Any suggestions on the perfect sized loom?

I made a worksheet that has 8 or 9 different stitches on it.  There are easy directions to follow as well as a picture for each.  I try to teach or explain each stitch to the class (a few per class) but then let the students work on their own, helping individually when they need it.  I like how this lesson really allows for creativity (you can see a lot of color preferences picked) and how it's a different skill so some students are excelling where they might not have during our drawing and painting lessons.

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