Monday, August 20, 2012

What is art?

During the first week of school, the smart Bobcats and I pondered the question: What is art? We had great, respectful conversations that included listening to each other's thoughts while also stating our own, backed up with reason, in a very polite way. You would just not believe the intellectual level of conversations we were engaged in!

For instance, many students thought the wooden chair with a fabric design (one of the images in the PowerPoint) was art, but most agreed that the blue plastic chair they were sitting in was not art. Hmm.... Many students thought the print of multiple ducks (some even stated it looked like Pop Art - way to go!) was art, but when asked if a toy rubber ducky was art that's when the conversations got heated!

Here are some of the ways the students described ART.

If this was just a preview, I am really looking forward to this year with such a smart and polite group of students. Way to go, artistic Bobcats!


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