Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fifth grade shoe beginings

Our amazing fifth graders are really impressing me at the start of this year.  I can tell they have had some wonderful art education and they each are demonstrating diligence and eagerness to do a great job in art this year.  What a true pleasure and joy.  This year will be an amazing one for us – I can tell they will learn a lot and we will have a wonderfully fun time in the process. 

For our first project, we are learning about the difference between gesture lines (the types of drawings the fourth graders are doing) and contour lines.  I love it how students make connections.  One fifth grader mentioned how the word contour is used when talking about make up.  Ding-ding-ding!  Correct!  So many words we use in art are also used in our everyday life.  Some have the same meaning (horizontal line: a line going from left to right or side to side), some have similar meanings (contour: the outline and important ridges of a surface), and some have completely different meanings (value: the lightness or darkness of an object vs. how much something cost).  We also talked about how our shoes can shoe our personality.  The students looked at different shoes I had brought in and suggested adjectives of the person who might wear such shoes.  Next, they used their observational drawing skills to draw their own shoes.  It was interesting to note how some students set up the composition of their shoes.  I am really looking forward to the outcome and the rest of the process with these delightful students. 


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