Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lines, Jackson Pollock and Kindergarten

Action Jackson was his nickname (and the book we read to introduce Jackson Pollock).  Did you know Pollock used everything from sticks to brushes and even his hands to paint on his large canvases that were on the floor?  Not even on a table!  This was crazy!  The Kindergarteners learned about the most basic and important part of art (according to Mrs. Elder!) – line!  We made lines with our bodies and we spied lines in the classroom.  Next, we looked at all the different lines in Jackson Pollock’s artwork and talked about his artwork.  Some of the students thought it was beautiful.  Some thought it was trash!  Some thought it looked too messy and others loved the colors and the excitement of it.  These smart Kindergarten Bobcats were very articulate.  I can tell we will have a great year of learning in the art class!  Check out some of the lines they made as the start to their very first project. 

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