Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mixing colors

I'm having a fun time hearing the squeals made by Kindergarteners and First graders as they each take a turn at mixing colors. From a teacher's perspective, it's fun to see which students gravitate toward certain colors. During first grade all week I've had some students really enjoy making dark, dark colors while other stick to the main color combinations (mixing the primary colors to create three new secondary colors). The first graders also are having the experience of mixing white into their color palate to create tints of the specific color. Some students end up using white on all colors and it looks like a paper of spilt sherbet. Other students blatantly reject the white!

Although I gave them brown at the end of the day to make a tree on a separate piece of paper, one student was so excited about her new-found knowledge. She mixed all the colors together. What do you know? She created her own brown. Very proudly (and politely) she told me she didn't want my brown because she could make her own! Oh my! I hope the gawks of amazement continue. These are the precious teaching moments I wish I could bottle up.


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