Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What a teacher hears

My ears must have grown since I became a teacher. I know my mother would say they are quite different now from my teenage years :) . There are some special moments in the art room where the students are merrily working and talking comfortably among themselves. Maybe some students just don't think I can hear them if they are talking to friends (I'm sure that's part of a developmental level...I'll have to research that more). But I find it so interesting what I overhear. Some is very enlightening, some conversations are downright funny and I have to break in just to converse with these witty students, and others (not too many) are frightening, either in the topics or the students’ lack of what I would deem as common sense - which, in turn, brings it all back to funny.

Overheard today

First graders painting:

"I just love this painting". "I know, I am such a good artist." "Me too, I never knew how good I was at painting." "I think I'm going to give it to my mom." "I want to, but I really want to keep it for myself. Yeah, I going to keep it; I want to hang it in my room."

Third graders working on a drawing:

"So, did 9/11 happen like during the Civil War times." "I don't think so, I think my Dad was born and I don't think he's that old." "No, it didn't happen in Civil War times, that was like 50 years ago, this is the 11 year anniversary, remember, our teacher told us."
(They proceeded in asking me questions, which I was happy to tell them 9/ll did not happen during the Civil War times)

Second graders completing a painting:

"When I paint, I feel like the brush is ice skating"

And a good Patriot Day outfit to end on...


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