Friday, October 12, 2012

1st colorful trees

What are the primary colors? How do I create secondary colors by mixing primary colors? Does that really work? These are some of the questions the first graders got to answer as we mixed colors to create circles on our paper. Why circle? Because that was one of Wassily Kandinsky's favorite shapes! We looked at Kandinsky's artwork some more and compared it to Gustav Klimt's. Both artists lived around the same time. Although they had different styles, they both painted a lot of trees in their lifetime. We compared and contrasted the trees of both artists. It was obvious that Kandinsky loved circles and Klimt loved spirals! We had fun with these historical facts!

The students painted trees and then decorated them with circles or spirals. They also filled their composition with other pieces of painted paper. Did they add flowers? How about a pile of leaves? A sun or a bird? Grass? We had fun looking at other student’s creations and applauding the uniqueness of each other's work. Way to go first graders!

this is a dinosaur eating an apple.

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