Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art and Reflections

Reflections is an amazing National PTA program that students PK-12th grade can participate in. Every year students are invited to create art based on a new theme. This year's theme is "The Magic of the Moment". Although I love visual arts, other categories one may create work include literature, dance choreography, photography, film production and music composition.

We had over 80 students who participated this year. Although that might seem to be a big number, I see the incredible talent in this school every day and I know that because only 10% of the students participated, there was probably so much more talent hiding and just waiting to be release in such a wonderful outlet like this one. As you walk the hallways and look at every single entry from this year, please consider taking your bottled up creativity and letting it explode into the Reflections program next year.

To the participants, you have amazed your art teacher! I am left speechless. Way to go incorporating the magical theme as you remembered great craftsmanship and took chances creatively.

 First Place - behind the office for special protection

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