Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I heart my Promethean board

I went to an ActivBoard training a few weeks ago and I've really been forcing myself out of my comfort zone of pure PowerPoints and into the fun but doesn't-always-do-what-I-had-intended-and-kids-laugh-at-me zone of using Flipcharts. It really does take quite the touch to use my pen and my cool wand. But, man, the practice is paying off. And, not just for me. I have had the neatest teacher moments where I just hand the pen over to the students who prance right up to that board and move something around or draw the correct line and then stand beaming right back at me and their classmates. That is why technology is cool. These students might not be big speakers; they might be great artists; they might not be the fastest readers; yet, technology is a way they can shine. My goal is for each of my students to be able to shine; therefore, I am so grateful for yet another tool to do so.

Here's a picture of a Kindergartener LEADING the class on a Flipchart about the horizon lines of a landscape. We did go over it all in the beginning of class and this was extra practice. Yes, they all know how to use the board better than I do - but I promise to catch up!

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