Friday, October 26, 2012

When kids show what they know

As we were working on our final touches to the eclectic Miriam Shapiro collages in second grade today, a girl came up to me and excitedly held out three markers. I stared, not knowing why she even had markers out, and then she said, with so much enthusiasm, "These are the primary colors!".

And indeed, they were! I was very proud. The really funny even happened next, about a minute later I was working in a different part of the room and a boy comes up to me and show me some markers (again... 1. we are not using markers, 2. the first rule in art class is "stay in your seat"). I was not thrilled when I turned to look at him, but my heart melted when he exclaimed, "Mrs. Elder, these are the secondary colors!".
Oh my. No, somehow they were not on task. But, they were so eager to show me what they decided was pertinent information they share (and, I think he might have been one-upping her...he he he!).
He is smiling, I kept asking!  Check out this amazing detail!

Oh dear students, you make my day without knowing it most of time. Thank you for another amazing week.

Congratulations to those 3rd - 5th graders who finished the ITBS testing and to the rest of the school for adjusting schedules and staying extra quiet.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend - see you soon!

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