Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Clay fossils

This seems to be a popular clay lesson, but I think that's because it's just so wonderful!  How could it not be when you are dealing with kindergartners and dinosaurs and clay!  Oh my!  We started out by learning about clay.  Real clay.  Similar to play dough but this is real clay - from the Earth, made from dirt and water!  Next we discussed fossils and learned more from Annie and Moby.  Then we created a slab (thicker than a piece of paper!) and created texture and fossils using dinosaur toys, animal toys, and shells.  Oh my...there were squeals of happiness in the art room!  The clay has to dry and it becomes light gray as it dries.  Some has been fired in the kiln.  When it gets fired it turns white. 
Stay tuned to see our final clay fossils!  I'm sure you'll also see some large smiles accompanying them!

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