Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Miriam Shapiro inspired collages

The second graders learned about the Canadian artist Miriam Shapiro.  Did you know her nickname was Mimi Appleseed?  She created elaborate "femmages".  These were wonderful collages of people in all states of movement.  We were inspired by her work to create our own person demonstrating an act of movement.  The students also included a clue, or an object, that would help the viewer to understand what the action was.  Can you tell what each of these actions are?  I think you all did great, second graders!  Way to go learning about body proportions and overlapping.


  1. These are beautiful! How did you create the tie-dye effect for the background? Hope all is well at SBCE :)

  2. It's just overlapping tissue paper bleed. Drew actually showed me last year. Thanks for the comment. Things are just great here - I love it!