Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miro collographs

The third graders studied the abstract art of Spanish artist Joan Miro.  We had a lot of fun discussing his work.  He used his own set of symbols in most of his work and we had fun hunting them out.  Some of his work was rather calm while others was truly like a bad nightmare.  He was a surrealist artist, which means most of his inspiration came from his dreams. 
A collograph is a type of printmaking in which items are glued to the printing plate.  This is a more fragile type of printmaking (as the students found out first hand!) because of the glue!  Did you know the word come from the Greek word "kolla" which means "glue"?  We used a variety of textured materials to glue to our plate.  The students were to use their dreams or compositional skills as a basis for the creation of their plate.  Next, we printed.  Oh boy!  Then, we printed again with multiple colors!
Our last piece to finalize them will be when we get back from Thanksgiving break.  Hold your breath, I'm sure they will be stunning surrealist prints!


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