Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ted Harrison landscapes

I found out about Canadian artist Ted Harrison and his whimsical, yet simple, landscapes through Pintrest.  Doing so more research, I really liked this guy and chose to use his to teach the second graders about landscapes.  He is 85 and has lived in Canada for a long time.  He was born in England and went to art school.  However, in a great interview, he said art school made the act of creating art difficult and un-fun (my word) for him.  He had to move across the pond, become surrounded in nature, let loose of the rigid formalities of his art school training and only then was able to get back to the joy of creating art.  I thought that is a great story for everyone to be reminded of. 
His landscapes are so fun to look at.  We used warm and cool colors for each part of our landscape.  The students did a great job exploring the chalk pastels.  Great job, second graders!

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