Friday, December 7, 2012

CLAY time

We are finishing up our clay units for Kindergarten, First grade and Second grade.  What amazing creations the students have made in art class!  What great learning about the properties of clay has taken place. 
  • We know that clay comes from the ground.
  • We know that clay is a special mixture of dirt and water.
  • We know that our clay creations have to be fired in a kiln and then they become hard and change colors.
  • We know that we can choose to glaze our clay pieces next, but they must be fired again if there is glaze on them because glaze is different from paint - it needs the heat from the kiln to go through a chemical reaction.

Here are some of our creations:

Kindergarten Clay Fossils
Clay fossils in the kiln


 First Grade Pinch Pot Mugs
Pinch pots waiting to be fired

Pinch pots still hot from their firing

Pinch pot still hot after their glaze firing

Second Grade Clay Fish
three stages of clay: greenware (just made), bisque (just fired once), glazed (ready to take home)

making their clay fish

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