Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the thick of printing

Today was such a great day.  My classes have been doing so well printing.  The fourth graders are printing their Victorian houses multiple times - and I mean multiple times!  The fifth graders are printing their self-portraits a minimum of three times.  They will go back and reduce their plate and print on top - so it's important to have some extras in case their next print is not stellar.  I have found it so invigorating this year to see the students really take ownership of their progress and overall artwork.  When they take their printed plate back to their seat to print, I always ask them when they come back up, "How did your last print turn out?".  And they are able to very eloquently describe how it looked and what they need to do differently this time around - add more ink, make sure to rub all around the edges.  It's like I am talking to a very mature art students.  State Bridge Bobcats, you continue to amaze me.  Here are some pictures from our printing adventures:

Fourth Grade Victorian Houses


Fifth Grade Self Portraits

The aftermath...

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