Monday, January 14, 2013

Another great week in art

After a nice long break, I was so impressed with the students for jumping right back into the swing of things here in the art room.  No time wasted here - we hopped right back into our lessons.  Here's some highlights from the past week:

First Grade printing plates:

The first graders started to make their printing plate using only one geometric shape.  We read the book, Anansi the Spider and discussed the shapes and patterns in the background of the pages.  Next, we are going to create prints from these plates and then make symmetrical spiders.
Third grade Chihuly sculptures:
The third graders sculpted and sprayed their Chihuly radial designs.  It was fun to see them use the paper clips as a way to sculpt and we all enjoyed watching the spray starch blend the markers right in front of our eyes!
Fourth grade Victorian House prints:
The fourth graders finished up their printmaking lesson by mounting their house prints, creating a background, adding a title and signing their work.  Quite impressive!


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