Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh stuff with MY artwork on it!

Dear Parents,
     We are so excited, here in the art room, about our upcoming Original Works program.  More information can be found on the right tab at the top of this blog.  The Original Work's official website is: There you will be able to find tons of information about the merchandise that could be yours with your student's artwork on it!  What a cool opportunity!
     At this point all the students at State Bridge Crossing have had the chance to pick out the artwork they would like to be made into a magnet.  The next step is for the magnets and information to arrive home with your student.  This will happen around Tuesday, March 12th.  I'll keep you posted on the exact timings, what to expect, and reminders about when orders are due here on the blog.
     Thank you all for having amazing students who have created gorgeous artwork this year.  I hope you enjoy looking at their artwork just as much as I do!  Remember, if you have any questions you may email me directly.  We also have two Original Works coordinators who are handling the program this year and I know this school is in wonderful hands. 

Creatively yours,
Mrs. Allison Elder

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