Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Artists of the Month

Congratulations wonderful artists!  You were chosen for Artist of the Month because you are a great student, you have great manners, you are kind, and you make me smile!  Keep up the awesome work. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

5th grade wire sculptures

I mean it when I say I have a lot of favorite lessons.  But, this is really one of my absolute favorite lessons.  The creativity!  The things I learn about the precious students!  The simplicity of the wire with elaborate embellishments!  Oh the joy of teaching art!

The fifth graders looked at wire artworks and we discussed how one line can be used to create a sculpture.  We also discussed emphasis:  how to be careful as an artist by not giving all the information away, but being selective in what you choose to make stand out.

The fifth graders chose an action or motion, created the figure out of wire and then embellished it with cool sculptural materials.  I wish we had a real museum to display all of their works.  They worked very hard to create these amazing masterpieces.  Fantastic job, sweet students!

  Check out this prop!

  Oh teachers: how do you store your in-process sculpture artworks?

 Penalty kick - how clever!

 A performer.  I love the flowers thrown at her feet.

 A Dad (with computer) and his son.  Breathtaking!

 An artist!  Check out that easel!
 Smiling artists

 Look at that split, pom-poms and bow!

The skier!  Wow!

Complete with the net.

 Catching a butterfly.  How serene.  I love the button on the bow!

Yes, it's really a cowboy.  Complete with a horse!  Wow!

  There was a lot of persistence to make this basketball goal.

This student created a couple.  The outfits are complete with a veil, a ring, flowers, the works!
What great movement (and basketball goal!).

 I like the shoulder pads.

 The action is drama!  He has a flower.  How unique!

 Good use of foil to make the hat!

Second Grade Architecture

What is an architect?
We got our inspiration for this lesson by reading the funny story, Iggy Peck the Architect, by Andrea Beaty.  Iggy is a second grader who loves to create sculptures out of any thing and every thing - we mean every thing!  We learned how an architect is a job in the art field that designs buildings.  I learned that some of the cool parents here at State Bridge are architects!
The students thought about how they would design any building of their fancy.  What would they choose?  After discussing how a sculpture differs from a flat, two-dimensional painting, the students created their buildings out of paper.  I think you will be absolutely amazed, just as I was, at the level of creativity and craftsmanship that can be accomplished with paper.  Good gracious, Ignacious...I mean, second graders!  You are shining your stars bright!

 We had to work flat first.

After we stuffed it, they chose a roof.

 Art teachers:  how do you store your in-process sculpture peices?  They were ALL OVER!  (in a fun way!).

 This was a church.

 I liked his Welcome matt.

 Check out the fun Ice Cream Shop with a parking lot!

 These colorful windows ALL opened!

 Watch out!  He made an escape door at the top of his building, complete with a mattress for you to land on!

  What a cool roof!

  This is a pet shop with a computer lab in the top right corner (yellow).

 Yes, it's true, it's Mrs. Elder's Art!

  Look how tall this building is!
A super high sky-scrapper! 

 Check out teh tree and diving board!

Kindergarten forms vs. shapes

We're about to dive into a paper sculpture, so we needed to try out the waters first.  The Kindergarteners discussed the difference between shapes and forms (thank you to their wonderful teachers for letting this be a big review day in art!).  Our art challenge: how do you make a 3D form out of 2D paper?  Let's take a peep into the creative minds of these students.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day message


Dear State Bridge Elementary Crossing Elementary School,
You are amazing.  You are creative and kind. 
Would you be my Valentine?
I love you.  I hope you all have a super great, long weekend.
Mrs. Elder