Monday, February 25, 2013

Second Grade Architecture

What is an architect?
We got our inspiration for this lesson by reading the funny story, Iggy Peck the Architect, by Andrea Beaty.  Iggy is a second grader who loves to create sculptures out of any thing and every thing - we mean every thing!  We learned how an architect is a job in the art field that designs buildings.  I learned that some of the cool parents here at State Bridge are architects!
The students thought about how they would design any building of their fancy.  What would they choose?  After discussing how a sculpture differs from a flat, two-dimensional painting, the students created their buildings out of paper.  I think you will be absolutely amazed, just as I was, at the level of creativity and craftsmanship that can be accomplished with paper.  Good gracious, Ignacious...I mean, second graders!  You are shining your stars bright!

 We had to work flat first.

After we stuffed it, they chose a roof.

 Art teachers:  how do you store your in-process sculpture peices?  They were ALL OVER!  (in a fun way!).

 This was a church.

 I liked his Welcome matt.

 Check out the fun Ice Cream Shop with a parking lot!

 These colorful windows ALL opened!

 Watch out!  He made an escape door at the top of his building, complete with a mattress for you to land on!

  What a cool roof!

  This is a pet shop with a computer lab in the top right corner (yellow).

 Yes, it's true, it's Mrs. Elder's Art!

  Look how tall this building is!
A super high sky-scrapper! 

 Check out teh tree and diving board!

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