Saturday, March 16, 2013

K-Kids art show 2013

Congratulations amazing artists!  State Bridge Crossing was well represented at Kings Ridge Christan school this afternoon with 26 entries.  I am so proud of all of the students who entered.  You listened on the announcements, you took the initiative to get an application, you brought back your signed application and you made exquisite artwork!  You can now say you were in a very special art show.  How cool is that?

 setting up the event
 and the doors are open

With great excitement, I am thrilled to say we had SEVEN students who received ribbons or honorable mentioned for their artwork and for their specific grade.  The competition was pretty tough too - there was spectacular artwork by all students!

 First place for second grade!

 Honorable mention for fifth grade!

 First place for first grade!

 Third place for first grade!

 Honorable mention for first grade!

 Honorable mention for first grade!

 Honorable mention for first grade!

On a personal note, I really enjoyed meeting (or seeing again) the parents (and siblings) who took the time and effort to attend this special event.  Thank you for being such and active role in your child's art education development. 

 Romina standing with all the winners K-12
On a last note, congratulations again to EVERYONE! I hope seeing some pictures of the show will inspire more students to participate next year. Way to go, sweet and awesome State Bridge Bobcats!  Here's a sample of some of the upper grade works.  For your inspiration!


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