Friday, April 26, 2013

May Artists

Congratulations sweet artists! 




K totem poles

The kindergarteners learned about Native Americans who create totem poles.  We discussed symmetry as we made the faces for the totem poles out of neutral colors.  Next, while keeping symmetry in mind, the students used their creative minds to add tons of facial features!

1 Buffalo Hides

We learned about Native Americans who created awesome Buffalo Hides.  We talked about how they used symbols and pictures to communicate meaning.  The students used neutral colors (from nature, similar word to help them remember and because of the natural materials the Native Americans used).  They also added some paint for emphasis.  That was fun to teach!  I hope you all will appreciate these as much as I do!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Original Works update

The pieces are here!  All of the Original Work orders have arrived, were distributed and should have gone home with your student today.  I was super excited to see some of the awesome products.  I hope you are pleased and I really want to thank this State Bridge Crossing community f
or helping support art education. 
It was also quite a treat for me to see a fifth grader already wearing one of her pieces. 

What a treat!

Candy and flowers are nice.  But what wins my heart over is art.  Last Friday morning, a glowing student bounced into my room with a gift for me.  It's been hanging over my doorway, directly across my desk, where I've been admiring it all week.  It truly perks up my mood.  Tons of other students have taken notice of the new artwork and we're all amazed at the detail, creativity and thoughtfulness.  Thank you my precious friend!

What will I do next year?

I have had the BEST special fifth grade helpers this year. 
Here's one of the many accomplishments for today.

One point perspective

What is depth?  How do artists show the illusion of space on a flat piece of paper?  These are just some of the questions the fourth graders grappled with as they learned some artistic tricks to draw in perspective.  We learned lots of vocabulary words, even a funny one: orthogonal line!  I like how these became personal.  They got to choose what symbols they wanted to use and I love how different each of the artworks are.  Great job, sweet fourth graders!