Sunday, April 7, 2013

2nd grade color scheme weaving

I always use the word "scheme" in the phrase "color scheme" but I really wanted my students to know what that meant and to use it themselves.  Yes, a color scheme is a group or family of colors, but as they get older, I want them to use the correct art-y terminology.  After discussing and reviewing all of the color schemes (six of them for these guys!), we created a small weaving on a paper plate (our loom) using just one color scheme.  We also really practiced tying knots.  "Make and X, loop.  Make another X, loop.  Pull."  Most of them got this but it was something very worthy to teach!  They got to add color with marker at the end.  Super job mighty second graders!

helping friends!


neutral colors

 cool colors

 warm colors

 primary colors

 Also, the color of his home country, Columbia! 

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