Sunday, April 7, 2013

3rd grade falling self-portraits

I think this has to be one of the most fun lessons that also packed with learning.  The third graders traced their hands and feet and then create their body and head smaller, which helps to create the illusion of depth.  Their creative brains went wild with the endless possibilities of, "What could you be falling into?".  I've seen a pile of leave, bubblegum, a father's arms (tear!), a pool, into a black hole, space, and so many more!  It was fun to see them draw these objects smaller, to also add to the illusion of depth.  We used texture plates to add a cool look to the bottoms of our shoes.  Some of them even combined the plates to get new designs.  Finally, we used crayons for parts of our body and a mix of tempera cakes and watercolors for the rest of the page.  We talked about creating value with the paint, which can be achieved depending on the water to paint ratio.  Excellent work, funny third graders!


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