Sunday, April 7, 2013

Congratulations April Artists of the Month

I proudly announce more spectacular artists from State Bridge Crossing.  You might notice I'm having more pictures to fill the board.  That's a good thing!  As I'm getting to know each and every one of you better, it literally pains me to have to "choose" one per grade for each month (my original intent).  I'd just like to state that I think almost all of you fabulous students have the qualifications to be noticed as an Artist of the Month.  Keep up the the great work!  I do treasure each of you and I hope you feel that in my class.  With that being said, here are some students who really caught my eye this past month.  Remember, it's not just your artistic skills.  I highly value diligence, respect and kindness. 
 I asked to help, but he persevered to create his own clay face jug - mainly using one hand!

 Cubist - check; similar to his sketch - check; awesome use of materials - check; super polite - check!

 The finished product is unreal, but this was this talented artist in process.  What great use of depth!

 Persistence, creativity, and always helpful

 Awesome manners, creative thinker, producer of incredible artwork!  I love the resemblance in her art piece.

 Always on task and helpful.  Another in-process photos, this story she added to her Tar Beach quilt is so awesome.

 Breathtaking use of perspective

 Creative use of line

Love the warm and cool color combination (I also notice how she's smiling in warm colors just as that part of her face is!)

Super craftsmanship!

 Sweet diligence - he got the hang of this weaving project!

 Taking the assignment and pushing it to the next level.

 Oh, the face!  You have to be prepared to change while working with clay, and she kept her cool to create this masterpiece.

 Always a happy face - willing to help and loving life!

 Great spirit and lovely artist!

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