Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kindergarten Kente Cloths

The Kindergarteners learned about the country of Ghana, in the continent of Africa.  There are many artists in Ghana.  We read Kente Color and The Spider Weaver, great books that show Kente cloths.  Kente cloths are special cloths worn for different occasions.  We discussed the patterns, the colors and how they are made.  Our smart Kindergarteners created their own Kente cloth using paper weaving.  We made a loom and then wove "over and under" to create patterns, or just to use the pretty colors.  Finally, they added fringe (we learned a few ways to do that ) and most even got a chance to weave yarn though to create more decoration or to hang it on a wall (or, quite proudly, their necks!).  Super job, cultural kiddos!


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