Friday, May 10, 2013

3 Radial weaving

     This is one of my favorite lessons.  I still have trouble finding a great way to teach the students how to make the loom.  Any suggestions out there?  I've done it a couple of different ways and I find pros and cons with each, but regardless, it usually takes a full day (or more) to create the looms.  I always feel like this day is hard and frustrating, but after that, the project is so great that I always think it is worth it. 
     The students chose a color schemes to explore in their radial designs.  I encouraged them to incorporate a pattern in to their weaving.  Most did.  I found their choice of color and the ways they used patterns to be so interesting.  To finalize their creations, I suggested a few options, but their own creations just blew me out of the water.  Excellent work, amazing third graders!

 Weaving is so blissful!


  1. I did a project similar to this using a CD instead of a paper plate. I found that the best way to create the loom was to talk about spokes on a bicycle wheel. I drew a picture on the board of what it was supposed to look like and I also modeled it with a demonstration. Some kids also called it "wrapping a donut." This was definitely the most frustrating day of weaving but once they got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. The projects look great! :)

  2. I like the visual of wrapping a doughnut. That's funny!