Friday, May 24, 2013

What a great year!

     As we draw closed another school year I want to say how blessed I feel to have a new home here at State Bridge Crossing.  I felt so welcomed by the wonderful staff, students and family.  Thank you!  I had so much fun getting to know all the students and watching them grow artistically as well as personally.  I really think this year was a great mix of so much learning while also having so much fun! 
     Farewell, special fifth graders.  It was so much fun to talk, learn from you, and spend lunch time together.  I know you will do amazing in sixth grade!

     I'm tickled more pink than possible looking forward to more years here.  A bunch of ideas are already running through my mind regarding fun new lessons, new hallways displays and new ways of organizing my room.  I am also looking forward to working with a new fundraising company, Square 1 Arts. 
     This summer I'll be surrounded by art.  I have the wonderful opportunity of being a co-director for the Spruill Center for the Arts summer camp.  We have 11 full weeks of art fun planned.  The instructors are awesome, many of whom I've previously known, and I anticipate learning new art methods and getting some great lesson ideas to take back for next year.  My dog is looking forward to this summer where I will be home some during the days.  I plan on exploring new parks with him.  The beach is also calling my husband and I to return, so we will enjoy the calming sights and sounds of the coast a few times this summer.  I know this summer will be full of events to recharge me for another fabulous year.

      I hope you all have a terrific summer and I can't wait to hug you again during Sneak Peak.

Artistically yours,
Mrs. Allison Elder

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