Friday, August 30, 2013

Nominated for the Liebster Award...Check out these other awesome blogs!

Laura Kim, the awesome art teacher at Spalding Drive and the brains behind Art in the Big Green Room ( nominated me for the Liebster Award.  What a cool honor.  I looked up what this was and found that the word "liebster" is a German word that means "kindest, beloved, dearest."  I think this is so awesome.  My goal in blogging is to share all aspects of my art teaching, but I do always try to be positive and kind in my teaching and in the way I share my world.  Thank you!

Here are my answers to her questions and some more information:

1. What is your favorite food? oatmeal (and steak and peanut butter)
2. What do you collect? books and happy thoughts
3. What did you want to be when you were little? a teacher, perhaps?
4. What is your biggest pet-peeve? smoking, being late, being cold
5. What is something you've always wanted to learn? how to act and feel calm (and Spanish)
6. What is your favorite movie? I'm not a movie or TV person, but I really love remembering oldies like Empire Records, Romie and Michelle's High School Reunion and Superstar
7. What would be your ideal Saturday night? going on a nice, long walk followed by a fun board game and then grilling/cooking with my husband
8. Are you a dog or cat person? dog, always and forever!
9. Where is your favorite place to visit? super easy answer: my parent's lake house
10. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be? a princess in a fairytale
11. What is your favorite creative activity? painting
My 11 random facts:
  1. I love office supplies.
  2. My dog, a Goldendoodle, just had his fifth birthday.
  3. My favorite color has always been purple but I like to wear blue the best.
  4. My handwriting varies greatly depending on if I'm writing on the board or writing a shopping list.
  5. My hair has turned curly over the past couple of years.  This is a mystery to me and I'm learning how to embrace it.
  6. I love painting with students.  That's probably my favorite medium to teach.
  7. I've been to some amazing places in the world, but I really don't like to travel.
  8. My toenail polish is currently bright pink.
  9. I get a thrill out of reading and finding awesome books to recommend to people.
  10. I love to cook dinners with my husband.
  11. I wake up at 5am.
Here are my nominees:

Nominees, here is what you need to do:

To accept this award, you need to do the following:

1. Link back to the blog that nominated you.

2. Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator.

3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

5. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

6. Contact your nominees and let them know that you have nominated them

Questions for my nominees:
1. What is the best book you've read recently?
2. If you had to choose, what grade to you secretly like teaching the best?
3. What is your school's mascot?
4. Do you wear spirit wear and jeans on Fridays?
5. What is one thing you wish you could add to your art room if money was not an object?
6. Do you prefer gold or silver?
7. Do you have any pets?
8. What was the last, best vacation you took?
9. What is one beauty product you can't live without?
10. What is your favorite season of the year?
11. Do you have an iPhone or Android?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st grade lines to music

     We started off with a party in first grade!  We discussed how different lines convey different emotions.  After looking at all the lines in Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky's work, I told the students that he often painted to music.  We had fun discussing what kind of music he might have been listening to for each painting. 
     Then, we became the artists!  I made a fun playlist of about ten very different songs.  I played about 20 seconds of each song while the students used crayon to create lines that described that song.  Then, we pained in our spaces to give it extra color.  Excellent start, sweet first graders!

4th grade summer scratch art

     How does an image tell a story?  The fourth graders and I discussed how we can read pictures like we read stories.  The lines, shapes and colors become the characters.  That means images are pretty important!
     We discussed how we could all look at an image and have different memories or feelings about it.  The students created sketches of images that reminded them of a fun experience from the summer.  After choosing their best one, they used tooth picks to create it on a piece of scratch art paper.  Next, they added designs and patterns to the object to give it emphasis.  Great job!  It was so fun hearing all the stories too!

3 abstract Miro

The third grades started off the year talking about the Spanish artist Joan Miro.  We discussed his artwork and the cool symbols often seen in it.  We talked about how abstract art can be made using a combination of line, color and shapes.  This was a very fun lesson to start off with!

2nd grade color adjectives

     Giving some application to what the second graders are learning in their classroom, we choose personal adjectives to create our artwork.  The students separated their paper with their favorite line then added the adjectives. 
     Next, we talked about how the color spectrum is a line.  It's really like the color wheel spread out to a line.  We watched this super cute video about Roy G Biv:
     We talked about how oil and water don't like each other and the oil pastel repels the paint.
This was a great way to start off the year!

Kindergarten Dots

The Kindergartners and I talked about mark-making and how we each are artists.  We read the book "The Dot" and discussed how Vashti was an artist by making her marks.  The students created their dot paintings with inspiration from Vashit's dots.  Next, we discussed how to use the scissors and cut wavy lines around the yellow-gold frame.  We signed our name and then made more dots around the frame.  I love how they turned out and the students were very proud of their first project in art class!
 a few of my examples

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And we're off to a great start

It's art time!

We have begun our first projects in all the grades.  It feel so good to see the students create cool artworks and it's a joy to hear them talk about their work.

Here's what we're up to so far...

Kindergartners are creating their own "dots" after reading "The Dot"

First graders are having a blast listening to different types of music and creating line compositions after we looked at the artwork of Kandinsky.

Second graders are using adjectives to create a work of art about themselves.

Third graders discussed shapes, lines, and symbols see in Joan Miro's artwork.  Using just black paint, no pencil first, they are creating some really cool abstract art.

Fourth graders are learning about how artworks can tell stories in a similar way that book can.  An image is a powerful thing.  Focusing on emphasis, they are choosing one object that tells a story from their summer and creating a scratch artwork.

The mighty fifth graders are starting a longer project (that will look incredible) using the grid method of drawing.  Our focus is wild animals.