Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 - 2014 Welcome back!

Hi Friends!
I'm super excited to be back here for a fabulous year of art!  Right now, I'm sitting here in my beautiful room after working for the past week to get it ready.  I left the year getting as organized as I could but that means I had an extremely blank canvas when I came back.  Here's what I found:

However, after unpacking, cleaning and looking at Pintrest for ideas, here's what the students will walk into Monday morning:
 Nice and shiny floors!
  A new system for my sketch folders (thank you, Mary, for the folder idea and Martha for the Ikea folder idea)

 the essentials of art!

new tape lines.  This one in particular is an exact full roll of duct tape!

 specific drying rack procedure

Welcome to my room!

 new camo line for my demo table

 I had this idea to put inspirational signs on the back of each chair.  Maybe if eyes wander, they'll at least have positive things to look at!

 My freeze bells

 I love the idea of putting a dry-erase board over my chalk board, thank you Beth!

 New shelves for my books!  Here are some of my favorites to start the year off.

 A new table helper sign

 New color schemes!

 This is ever-popular on Pintrest, but this is my version (and thank you Martha and Erin - my "real" friends who told me about it)

 More inspirational signs to look at while at the sink

 The art rules

 These are by my desk - thank you, Pintrest!

I'm very excited to being our art lessons.  I had a lot of fun yesterday making samples for our first lessons.  I'm trying something new (for me) for all our first art projects.  These will also be the artworks for our Square 1 Art Fundraiser.  Stay tuned to see the cute kids in action as they create their own spin to the lessons.  Here's my examples:

How was your summer?  I had a wonderful summer.  I worked as co-director of Spruill Center for the Arts Summer Camp.  I had the absolute great fortune of working with some amazing teachers.  We had a nice mix of teachers from Fulton, Gwinett, Cobb, Dekalb and a few "real" (full-time) artists as well.  I saw so many lessons that I want to do with my students.  In fact, our first lesson for fifth grade is one I am borrowing from an amazing middle school teacher in Gwinett.  Here is a snipet of the cool art made at camp this summer:

 before a fabulous drama performance

 last day of camp

When I wasn't working, I was blessed to be able to take a few vacations.

I can't wait to see you all at Sneak Peak tomorrow!
Keep creating,
Mrs. Elder

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  1. Your room is very inviting! I love the inspirational items on the back of the chairs :) Great idea!