Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And we're off to a great start

It's art time!

We have begun our first projects in all the grades.  It feel so good to see the students create cool artworks and it's a joy to hear them talk about their work.

Here's what we're up to so far...

Kindergartners are creating their own "dots" after reading "The Dot"

First graders are having a blast listening to different types of music and creating line compositions after we looked at the artwork of Kandinsky.

Second graders are using adjectives to create a work of art about themselves.

Third graders discussed shapes, lines, and symbols see in Joan Miro's artwork.  Using just black paint, no pencil first, they are creating some really cool abstract art.

Fourth graders are learning about how artworks can tell stories in a similar way that book can.  An image is a powerful thing.  Focusing on emphasis, they are choosing one object that tells a story from their summer and creating a scratch artwork.

The mighty fifth graders are starting a longer project (that will look incredible) using the grid method of drawing.  Our focus is wild animals.

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