Friday, August 16, 2013

First week reflection

It's a cold and rainy Friday afternoon.  This does not seem like August weather!  However, it's Friday afternoon and I'm thinking back to this jam-packed first week of school.  I have met a lot of new faces, but I really have found it amazing at how many students I know from either teaching them last year or just by saying "Hi" in the hallways.  I did not change too much up as far as my room and the procedures and it was nice to see what the students remembered from last year as well as how adaptable they were to the new procedures I put in place. 

I saw LOTS of great Mona Lisa examples when I said, "Show me the Mona Lisa!"

The first week is very exciting.  It's so fun to see who is in what class, what new combination of friends emerge, and to meet new students.  I'm very happy that this week has ended.  It will be so wonderful to start talking about and producing art.  For all grades except fifth, we're going to be working on a two-week lesson before we start our artwork for Square 1 Art.  I hope this is a wonderful time to review and teach a lot of basic art elements.  I'm looking forward to seeing the students create and seeing how they each put a unique spin to the lessons I've chosen. 

I hope everyone gets rest this weekend and I will be happily awaiting you Monday morning!

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