Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New things

I've been asked in the hallway if I have a different job this year.  The answer, "no!" but the confusion by some students is that we do have a lovely new art teacher.  We've always had a second art teacher out in the learning modules (portables) but it might seem "new" to some students if they are use to having art here in the main art room inside the building.  Although we've had to say good-bye to Mrs. Cavenaugh (she's still with Fulton County but at different schools this year) we get to say "hello" to Mrs. O'Hara.  She'll be here at State Bridge teaching art on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I like all of the positive energy she's brought with her!

We also have super cool new pencil sharpeners this year!  My friend who teaches at Hapeville Elementary School shared with me one of her favorite art supplies.  I was mentioned how the pencil sharpeners I always have in our buckets break.  These seem just awesome and the kids are really excited about them!  They have a special area for colored pencils too - how genius!  They are Faber-Castell Grip 3-hole Sharpeners.  So far, I highly recomment them.  And, send a big "THANK YOU" shout out to Ms. Bearden!

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