Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome back, parents

     In light of it being Curriculum Night here at school (yesterday and tomorrow also), I wanted to take a moment and welcome the parents back to the art website.  I keep up with this blog as a way for you to learn about the Art Curriculum, see the progress and the projects your students are making, and hopefully keep you updated about fun art-related things or events.  It is so wonderful to spend my days learning about and creating art with your students.

     Thank you for being such a great community.  I've had multiple, multiple students tell me of different museums or art classes they went to this summer.  Thank you for being such a great part of their cultural growth.

     One new thing we are starting this year is moving from Original Works to Square 1 Art for our fundraiser.  I've updated the tab at the top of the blog with information about Square 1 Art.  I also put out a display board in front of the school where you can look at some sample products and see the great quality of each one.  I think this will be a much more stream-lined process because you can order anything you want online from the comfort of your home (or phone!).  The fifth graders are starting their art for our fundraiser this week and the other grades will start in two weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

     Art is great!  We learn about artists, appreciate other cultures and discuss the merits of different types of art.  We create cool things with fun (and sometimes unique) tools.  My goal is always to offer students choices in the art lessons so they are pushing their own brain as they consciously think about the art they are creating. 

     Art can be messy.  All the materials we use in art class are washable. would be best if you could review with your child what day he or she has art and not wear the best, nicest or most favorite outfits on those days.  Although I am a stickler for safety and we review procedures to eliminate any potential collisions, things happen - paint or water get spilled and glue can end up in the strangest of places!

   I'm excited for another year and I thank you for your amazing students.  This is a video I've tried to show in most of my classes and I think you'll enjoy it too.  It's quite hilarious (and very informative!):

Posing as "The Girl With The Pearl Earring" at the High Museum

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