Monday, September 30, 2013

October Artists

Way to go, students!  Congratulations for your wonderful behavior and artistic attitude!  Keep up the awesome work.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chick-fila night

Great job State Bridge Artists!  It's Chick-fila night (s) to support our school.  Go for a great dinner and check out the amazing artwork on display.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2nd seascapes

The second graders looked at impressionist images of seascapes for the inspiration for this collage.  They created a backgound showing value by using warm colors.  They created texture on different pieces of paper. 
Next, we talked about how boats are made of different shapes.  Small boats, big boats - all shapes!  The last step was to create a seascape collage using a variety of papers, coffee filters and even a popsicle stick.   I love how unique each seascape it - just like the sweet second graders themselves!

 This is a submarine!


 This is of a boat going into the water!  So clever!

3rd underwater scene

This was a great lesson about using contrasting colors (warm and cool) and being intentional when creating a composition. The students used their imagination and some resources (worksheet, books) to draw an underwater scene of plants and animals. We discussed how to create an interesting composition by having some parts go off the page and by overlapping some things. Next we talked about how magical art is! The students were encouraged to draw a few things with white and just see what would happen when paint was applied over. Also, they added a pinch of salt for some magnificent crystal effects! These make me want to take a vacation!

4th jungle animals

The fourth graders are finishing up some super cool-looking chalk pastel jungle animals.  We talked about the method of grid drawing to get the basic proportion of the image we wanted to draw.  Next, we outlined the jungle animal with black glue.  Finally, we talked about colors - how to choose colors that contrast and how to use pastels to blend a tint and a shade. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

1st grade sweet treats

Yum!  The first graders created some sweet treats while learning about tints/shades, patterns, and combining shapes to make a picture. 

Kindergarten planes

How can we combine shapes to make an airplane?  The kindergartners create a background of light and dark blues.  Next, we talked about using shapes to make a picture.  The kindergartners did such a great job cutting, gluing, making lines, and creating their planes!