Friday, October 25, 2013

4th grade gesture drawing

I started a lesson this week that's one of my favorites.  The fourth graders discussed the artwork and life of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.  The rest of the day, we posed and used mannequins to practice gesture drawing.  Next, we'll take our knowledge of the figure to create Giacometti-inspired foil figures.

I had so much fun talking with the students about Giacometti's art.  Here's a highlight from this week's discussion:

"Mrs. Elder, is it okay if I make a connection?'
Me: Of course!

"I think this guy looks like someone."
Me: Is is someone in this room (really hoping this wasn't the start of a mean comment!)?

"No, I mean...I really know my music...and this guy looks just like Bruno Mars."

Hilarious!!!!  And, I totally see the similarities.  What do you think?

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