Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall 2013 GAEA conference

     These are a few of the thoughts going through my head as I think back to this amazing long weekend I had in Savannah, GA at the Georgia Art Education Association's fall conference.
I traveled with fellow teachers that I am so grateful to also call friends.  Katie, Martha and Melissa teach near me and I've known them for quite a while, but I had a wonderful time getting to know them even better as art teachers and as super cool ladies! 
at the Masquerade Ball

before our Printmaking presentation

     I loved seeing art teachers I've known from different phases of my life - summer camp, undergrad, grad school, even high school!  I find it very cool to see where we have ended up all over the state of Georgia.  I really love meeting new people too and hearing about the different art education programs from around the state. 

you know you are at an art teachers' function when there is kid's art as centerpieces!

lovely conference center

     The workshops I went to were fantastic.  I am totally psyched to start using a iPad in the classroom.  I went to two great presentations (thank you, Martha!) about how to best incorporate them into the class with regards to super cool apps that coordinate with lessons as well as tips for managing them in the room.  I loved a presentation I went to about creating a psychologically safe classroom.  Wow, that presenter was amazing and had such a huge heart.  I jumped out of the elementary teacher role  and jumped into a more art-student role at a fantastic presentation from a SCAD professor about color and light.  The things he told me about the temperature of colors really has changed how I hope to make art and to be able to perceive and understand artworks even better (and thus, explain it to my kids with greater knowledge!).
Cool art all over!  This is from recycled cans.

new take on a collagraphic printmaking technique

Painted tiles, canvases, mirrors...oh my!

What a fixture! :)

     I always find it daunting to plan to leave school.  Is it worth writing all those sub plans and getting out all the supplies for each lesson? 
 supplies for all the classes!

Well, I hereby say "YES"!  I've become newly convicted that it is very important to re-energize myself as a teacher by being around other fantastic teachers and hearing amazing new ideas..  Thank you to all the presenters, my wonderful friends and my school for being supportive of this endeavor.
     One of my favorite swag items I brought back with me was this pin.  I LOVE IT.  It's from an amazing website, the Art of Ed.  I look forward to wearing this proudly (and following it's advice!).

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  1. It was great seeing you at the conference! You took some really cool pictures. What a great experience :)