Friday, October 4, 2013

Glazes and PTA

The PTA here at State Bridge is just fantastic.  I wrote a mini grant this year for some Stroke and Coat Glazes and they said "yes!".  I've used these glazes at other schools and was so happily surprised by the likeness of the colors once they are fired (compared to the color in the bottle) which really helps younger students to conceptualize the glazing process.  I like the tall squirt bottle too and have found that this really cuts down on wasted, left-over glazes.
Teachers, what are some glazes you like?
Thank you so much PTA for this awesome gift.  We're getting close to starting our clay projects for the year and I can't wait to see the students use these amazing glazes.

One more cute thing I wanted to share.  We had a lovely breakfast this morning and I was give this by a sweet student.  How clever!  (and appreciated!)

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