Friday, October 4, 2013

I love painting

I really do...I just love painting.  Personally, I love to paint my own art.  But professionally, I think this is probably my favorite medium to teach.  I almost don't want to say "teach", but instead, "facilitate" because I think painting is such a natural, instinctive process.  I do teach, but I am constantly being taught by the students as well who experiment and create new techniques or methods or explore new ideas.  There is always such a zen in the room while we are painting. 

One of my absolute favorite parts about teaching is when I hear the audible "ah ha" moments.  Usually they sound like this: "Ohhhhh.....", "oh my oh my oh my oh my", "Yeeekkkss...this is just SO much fun Mrs. Elder!", "Look what I made!  Look, it's amazing (said to anyone who will listen)", "Art is just the BEST".  These comments really warm my heart.

Here are some pictures from my awesome week painting (with first and third grades):

 Look at how we accommodated the broken arm!

sometimes I find gems like this when unloading the drying rack!


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