Friday, November 22, 2013

December Artists!

It's a bit early, but by the time the students return to school, it will be December!  Here's a sneak peak of what they'll see on the Artist of the Month board.  You all are wonderful.

K glazed fossils

Their fossils turned out amazing!!

1st grade mugs

Here are the final results for our pinch pot mugs.  I love the details  - handles, tops, designs!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

3rd grade Jasper Johns prints

The third graders learned about Augusta, Georgia-born artist Jasper Johns.  He's a fun one to learn about!  The students choose special letters and numbers and glued them to create a printing plate.  They tried to remember to glue the numbers and letters backwards so that it would look correct when printed.  This was a hard concept but it really got the kids thinking and talking!  They chose one special number or letter to be large for emphasis.  Next, they created two prints.  Finally, they titled, signed and embellished their prints.  These are amazing true works of art!

5th grade Pop Art Printed Portraits

This is one of my absolute favorite lessons of all time to teach. The fifth graders learn about the Pop Art movement, the crazy-cool Pop Artist, Andy Warhol and the magic proportions of self-portraiture.  They review their printmaking skills and vocabulary (printing multiples is in the fourth grade curriculum so they did this process last year) and then we add to their knowledge by introducing the concept of reductive printmaking.  Here's a look at the fifth grade artists create their portraits, their printing plates and starting to print.  Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Kindergartner fossils

I forget each year how much the Kindergartners LOVE anything dinosaur related.  We learned about dinosaurs and fossils and texture and clay!
Here's the young sweet kids making their special fossils.  Stay tuned and you'll see the final results!

 drying on the kiln

1st grade pinch pot mugs

The first graders learned a lot about clay and created some beautiful pinch pot mugs.  They created a pinch pot, added texture and then added a handle (or two, or three...) and some even added a lid!  The glazed was a huge success (I logistically did it differently this year).  It's very interesting to see how students glaze when give the option of 8 colors.  Some go for it all - adding lines, dots, and different colors for each small section.  Some are more planned and only choose a few colors.  And, there are still some who choose only one color but methodically glaze that pot to perfection!  First graders, you make me so happy!

 a top!