Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kindergarten Fall Pumpkin Patch

I love how fall landscapes can lend so well to teaching secondary colors.  This is a great lesson that I've done different ways in the past. I start the lesson reading, The Pumpkin Circle.  One of my dear friends told me about this book and it's very neat how it explains the life cycle of a pumpkin.   My co-worker, Mrs. Lauren O'Hara, gave me some tips about doing it this way and I think it is my favorite way.  Thank you, Mrs. O'Hara!  The students made the secondary colors (you can see the different hues of purple, orange, and green each student made).  I just LOVE the "ah ha" moment when I hear the children squeal, "Oh my, yellow and blue really do make green!!".  We finished the patch by talking about shape and overlapping. 


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