Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2nd grade shacks

The second graders looked to the artwork of Georgia artist, Beverly Buchanan, for their inspiration.  Ms. Buchanan creates mixed media paintings and sculptures based on life in the South.  Most of her paintings are of shacks.  These are the houses Sharecroppers made and lived in.  She makes this art to honor their hard work.  Check out more about Mrs. Buchanan:

Now that you've seen her work, check out these amazing mixed-media pieces by our very own State Bridge Artists!  Congratulations!  Their creativity soared out of this world for this project!

Check out the person he made with wooden parts!

 such a great fence!

tons of cool materials!

look at the shutters!  

 what a sunset!

 You can check out more of her work while viewing the student work with the snap of a QR code!

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