Monday, January 6, 2014

Art and technology

I am so blessed to teach at such a wonderful school.  Our school has a big focus on using technology.  Art is a great area for technology to be used!  I hold high regards for traditional art making; (painting, clay, drawing, etc...) however, there are innovative ways to learn about art through technology.  

I also feel it is important for students to learn technology in relation to the arts because of the numerous occupational fields that combine the two.  Arts + technology = graphic designers, animators, illustrators, advertisers, webpage creators, and the list goes on!  This is a great short video (especially for kids) that highlights career choices in the arts field.

Please help us integrate technology in this art classroom.  Just a click on this link will get you on your way to enabling the next generation of learners to have invaluable skills needed for this ever-changing world.  

If you ever question the reason for arts in schools, here’s a great article for you to read:

And an enlightening video:

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