Friday, January 24, 2014

Art class musings...

It's an awesome feeling when you love your job.  I've been feeling pretty awesome lately!  I really know it's a blessing to spend my days with wonderful students as we discuss and create art.  I also really enjoy listening to the students talk.  Here are some funny comments from today:

"I wonder why blue is considered a sad color?  Everyone loves that color; it shouldn't be sad." - third grader

"Does God make mistakes?"
table mates answer: "Yes, He's human." and "No, he's God.  He would know not to make mistakes." - very philosophical and insightful second graders

"I think I did a great job making the arms of my tree!  They look awesome." - I agree with this first grader on the aesthetics of his tree's arms

"Why is the rabbit crying?"
me: I really don't know
"Because he was un-hoppy!" - seriously funny first grader

"Doesn't this just look like paradise?"  - yes, sweet girl!
I also want to point out how she created an easel for her painting!

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