Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kindergarten Cornbreads

The students were smiling and I was having fun. This was a great lesson!  

The students were introduced to John "Cornbread" Anderson.  He's a folk artist who lives on a farm in Lumpkin County, Georgia.  We loved looking at all of the animals and spotting all the spots in his artwork.  We painted animals (mostly chickens) and used the stamping technique to stamp our backgrounds and to add spots to either the animal or the border (or...both!).  I love these happy creations!

Thanks to my dear friends, art teachers Mrs. Argentina and Ms. Arrington for the wonderful lesson.

Right when we started this lesson, I spotted a real Cornbread while shopping in Roswell!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

You are an artist!

This is some great inspiration for all those times you might feel stuck-in-a-rut about creating art.  A horse can do it - so can you!
Check out Metro.  He's got bit by the art bug.  I hope you stay excited about art, too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being an art teacher rules!

The best reason of all... sweet and affectionate cards and notes.  It's impossible to list all the wonderful feelings I have about my students (their successes, their creativity, their kindness, etc...) but when I receive something like this (as I did this past Monday), my heart flutters with joy.  I pray I am bringing all of these sweet children joy and I really appreciate when they bestow upon me these sweet tokens.

Being an art teacher also rules because I have access to wonderful supplies!  My inquisitive and creative students often ask me, "Mrs. Elder, where do you get this?"  The art store is my generic and quick answer.  However, I have researched where you can buy the most requested supplies.  Unfortunately, Micheal's and Joanne's don't have the most requested item but they are very great stores for lots of art supplies (many of which I use in our art classroom).  However, the most requested item - liquid watercolors - can be found at Blick's.  There is a location in Roswell or you can order them!  Liquid watercolors are amazingly awesome and shockingly brilliant!  They happen to be one of my favorites too!  Here's the link if you want to check them out:

I also get asked for clay - all the time!  I use a clay that needs to be fired in a kiln.  The summer camp I work at uses air dry clay that has roughly the same feel and is used similarly.  I would recommend it if you are wanting the clay experience at home.  I also know about oven-baked clay, but I do not have any personal knowledge of that kind.  Polymer clay is very different than what we use at school, but I highly recommend trying it out - it's super fun and comes in bright colors.

Art teacher friends (oh, that's another reason why being an art teacher colleagues are fantastic!):  What do you get asked about?  Do you have any great resources for parents to buy quality materials for the kids to use at home?

Have a great snow day, Atlanta!  Be safe! (and make art!)

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Monuments Men

I saw a great movie this weekend.  The Monuments Men is a movie that opened my eyes to historical facts I was unaware of.  Historical facts that have changed culture as we know it.  The movie is based on a book, which is based on the real story.  I don't think the language would be suitable for children, but I think the concept of the story does need to be shared with children.  Here's a link to more information about the real live events:

In short, a bunch of men (and a in reality, a few women) were tasked to go to Europe in the midst of WWII to find, located, save and return famous artworks that Hitler had stolen.  The amount of the artwork he actually stole is mind-blowing to me.  Unfortunately, a lot was destroyed or still unaccounted for, but because of the heroious acts of The Monuments Men, most of the artwork was saved.

Art is so important!  To culture, to life, to hope, to history!  This is my favorite line from the movie:
Lt. Frank Stokes: If you destroy an entire generation of people’s culture, it’s as if they never existed. That’s what Hitler wants, and it’s the one thing we can’t allow.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Youth Art Month

Each year we send artwork to Fulton County's Admin building to celebrate Youth Art Month.  All month long, administrators of all sorts who frequent that building will have the pleasure of seeing some of the fine artwork from the county's budding artists.  Here are the pieces going to brighten up the Administration building this year.  Congrats Davin, Lillie, Abby, Josh, Genevieve, and Aerin!

February Artists

It is my pleasure to announce these February art sweethearts.  Congratulations!

Stampin' Away in Kindergarten and First Grade

Beginning our printmaking lessons in Kindergarten and First Grade, we started out by stamping!  Up...Down...Up...Down!  No sideways smears!  We want nice lines and shapes.

The Kindergartners are working on a super cool lesson inspired by the Georgia Artist, John Anderson - much better known as Cornbread.  My sweet friends at River Eves and Abbotts Hill shared this cool lesson with me.  Here's the little artists working on their farm animals and stamping their habitat.
I found a REAL Cornbread at Roswell Provisions!

The first graders used such imagination to create a robot by stamping shapes.  This is just the beginning and I can't wait to see these finished.  Each robot has a purpose and they are quite useful and hilarious!  Stay tuned for the final art!
 sketching first!

Using recyclable materials

If you are wondering why I always have a need for egg cartons, Styrofoam or plastic TV dinner containers, mushroom containers, asparagus trays... look no further to my counter this week.  I use these containers for a myriad of projects but they have come in extremely handy this week as we are painting and printing (and glazing!).  Thank you for all of your donations...please keep them coming!

Roswell Art Show

I happen to be at the Roswell Rec Visual Art Center Wednesday afternoon and I came across a delightful treat!  Currently on display was a show of visual art by Fulton County high school students.  It's amazing me to, as an elementary school teacher, to see the magnitude, precision and high level of artistic talent displayed by these high school students.  I wanted to show this off on this blog to encourage my younger artists what could be just around the corner for them!  Take a look:

 What an amazing surprise to see this intricate piece by a student I taught in elementary school!  I knew she was special then, but look what dedication and hard work has led her!

  Remember: not all "art" is on paper!