Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being an art teacher rules!

The best reason of all... sweet and affectionate cards and notes.  It's impossible to list all the wonderful feelings I have about my students (their successes, their creativity, their kindness, etc...) but when I receive something like this (as I did this past Monday), my heart flutters with joy.  I pray I am bringing all of these sweet children joy and I really appreciate when they bestow upon me these sweet tokens.

Being an art teacher also rules because I have access to wonderful supplies!  My inquisitive and creative students often ask me, "Mrs. Elder, where do you get this?"  The art store is my generic and quick answer.  However, I have researched where you can buy the most requested supplies.  Unfortunately, Micheal's and Joanne's don't have the most requested item but they are very great stores for lots of art supplies (many of which I use in our art classroom).  However, the most requested item - liquid watercolors - can be found at Blick's.  There is a location in Roswell or you can order them!  Liquid watercolors are amazingly awesome and shockingly brilliant!  They happen to be one of my favorites too!  Here's the link if you want to check them out:

I also get asked for clay - all the time!  I use a clay that needs to be fired in a kiln.  The summer camp I work at uses air dry clay that has roughly the same feel and is used similarly.  I would recommend it if you are wanting the clay experience at home.  I also know about oven-baked clay, but I do not have any personal knowledge of that kind.  Polymer clay is very different than what we use at school, but I highly recommend trying it out - it's super fun and comes in bright colors.

Art teacher friends (oh, that's another reason why being an art teacher colleagues are fantastic!):  What do you get asked about?  Do you have any great resources for parents to buy quality materials for the kids to use at home?

Have a great snow day, Atlanta!  Be safe! (and make art!)

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