Wednesday, March 19, 2014

K-Kids Art Show

This Saturday was an artistic blast!  State Bridge Crossing had 22 artists who submitted art for the Kiwanis Club Art Showcase.  We had so much fun at the event.  I knew these artists were amazing - sweet, kind, and talented, but I'm so happy to see other people think so as well.  State Bridge earned a lot of ribbons!  Wow!  It was exciting to see all the students, the parents, the siblings, and the happy thrills of joy!  Thank you, parents, for taking the time to bring your child to the show and further showing your support for the arts!  Congratulations to all who represented our school!

Fifth graders

Fourth graders

Fifth grade 2nd place OVERALL winner!

Kindergarten - and a 1st place!  Whooo hooo!

First Grade

Third Grade - and a 2nd place winner!

2nd grade - Is that a BLUE ribbon!  Whoo hooo!

Second grade

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