Monday, May 26, 2014

4th grade stitching

I love how successful everyone is creating this project.  The fourth grade students learned about fiber arts around the world, highlighting some artwork from the Native Americans, Egypt and Ghana.  We discussed how they each used different kind of looms and created different designs and patterns.  Most of the fiber art we viewed was symmetrical.  The students created a symmetrical design on the black burlap and then used a needle and yarn to create their own cool artwork.  I think they all would agree that tying the knots were the hardest part!  Excellent work, sweet fourth graders!

1st grade stitching

The first graders refined their knowledge of weaving terms and the over-under method while creating this unique tapestry.  Working on a burlap loom, the students created patterns using colored pipe cleaner, wire, and beads.

3rd grade radial weaving

I love this lesson.  I think the students had a great time weaving also.  I love the extra creations they added too.  Super job, third graders!

Second grade flowers

The second graders finished up the year with a flower weaving.  We learned about Vincent van Gogh and looked at his flower paintings for our inspiration.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kindergarten Flowers

What do you get when you combine symmetry, mosaic and neon paint?  Why...these gorgeous creations!  What a nice way to welcome spring.