Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4th Grade Chuck Close selfies

Incorporating technology in the art room?  Bringing pop culture into the art room?  Learning about an inspiring contemporary artist?  Check!
Here's a fun lesson that ties it all together.  It was intriguing to watch the students's process and stunning to see the final products.  The fourth graders learned about Chuck Close.  He is very inspiring because of the many obstacles he overcame to become a famous artist.  We enjoyed hearing him talk about his work.  You can listen too:
The first step was to use our devices to take selfies.  Next, we divided our paper into a grid (he also uses the grid-method to create his paintings) and transferred the selfie to our paper, adding symbols in each square.  The symbols were colored using a contrast of cool and warm colors to show the selfie emphasized.  I think the results were very fun!
 Get ready for some selfies!

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