Thursday, September 25, 2014

4th grade Fauves

The fourth graders agreed with Henri Matisse that, perhaps, being called a "wild beast" wasn't such a bad thing after all.  The art movement Matisse and Andre Derain created in 1904, Fauvism, was the inspiration for our wildly-colorful artworks based on endangered animals.  We discussed many characteristics of Fauvism and I hope you notice some in these awesome paintings (thick black lines, heavy use of complementary colors...).  Great Job!

Yummm... 3rd grade desserts

We were all hungry during this tempting lesson about Wayne Thiebaud and his infamous dessert paintings.  The third grade students did an excellent job drawing flat images in a more realistic and 3-dimensional style.  They also added shadows and a horizon line to complete their drawing.  Tints and shades were used while painting.  Kudos, sweet kids!

Kindergarten shape snails

This project involved a lot of learning about shapes and lines.  We read the book Color Zoo and discussed how different shapes can be combined to create animals.  Check out the great snails we made!